Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Healthy Vegetarian Delights

This site contains only Healthy Vegetarian Recipes. Vegetarian Foods are all natural and are harmless to the body. They do not have any side effects as long as we take properly cooked Vegetarian dishes in the right quantities. Studies have proven that a vegetarian diet can provide greater range of nutrients and fewer toxins. Vegetarians are less prone to major illnesses and lead longer and healthier lives. As what we eat has greater impact on our mind and physical body and govern our moods and emotions, we should carefully choose to be a vegetarian. Vegetarian has less karmic consequences than other non-vegetarian foods. Being Vegan, we follow “Ahimsa” or the law of non-violence. Also vegetarian food is ecologically friendly.

I, as a House Chef share my 25 years of cooking experience with all of you. I can only cook if I smell, touch and see my ingredients and appreciate all the qualities of the food I am working with. This site is going to help me to share my very own healthy Indian Vegetarian Recipes that have I learnt from my mother, grandmother and my mother-in-law.

As children we are told that certain foods cool us during summer, some keep our cold away and some corrects our digestion etc. Ayurveda, the Indian system of holistic healing, is a natural inclusion in the everyday process of eating and cooking. Through this site, I bring you both South Indian Delight Food Varieties and North Indian Delight Food Varieties.

All items are given in such a manner that they can be prepared at home using the common cooking equipment. (without using Tandoor facility or micro wave or Oven).

Welcome to Vegetarian Delights!!

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