North Indian Delights

North Indian Delights

North Indian Delights cooking uses higher proportion of dairy products; milk, paneer, ghee (clarified butter), and yoghurt (yogurt). North Indian gravies are typically dairy-based and employ thickening agents such as cashew or poppy seed paste. The staple food of most of North India is a variety of lentils, vegetables, and roti (wheat based bread).

North Indian cooking use the “tawa” (griddle) for baking flat breads like roti and paratha, and “tandoor”(a large and cylindrical coal-fired oven) for baking breads such as naan, kulcha and khakhra. Other breads like puri and bathoora, which are deep fried in oil, are also common.

The samosa is a typical North Indian snack. The most common and authentic samosa is filled with boiled, fried, and mashed potato, although it is possible to find other fillings.

There are several popular sweets (mithai) like gulab jamun, peda, khurchan, petha, rewdi, gajak, milk cake, balusahi, bal mithai, singori, kulfi, falooda, khaja, ras malai, gulqand, and several varieties of laddu, barfi and halwa.

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